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Kistler 2009 Golf - AM Group

Generac Servic Conf 2007

Generac Sales Conf 2007

Kistler Picnic on the Lawn 7/26/06

Kistler Golf 2005 AM Group

Kistler Golf 2004

Kistler Party

Buffalo Bills @ Tampa Bay 1991

August 1999 Pic

Buffalo Bills in Pittsford 2005

Rose Bowl pictures by Mike Warner

Take down the Trees

Bike Trip around Pittsford 2005

Early Years

































Family Cats of 38 Cullens Run

Louise Slaughter Pittsford Party 2012

Cullens Run Picnic 2012

Rochester Pride Parade 2011

Bills Summer Camp 2012

Updated pictures from home

Albany Apartment Pictures

Holloween at R L Kistler 2009

Buffalo Bill Pratice 2009

Bills Summer Camp 8-11-06

Buffalo Bills Pittsford Parade 7-29-06

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Fall Party 1985

Family and Friends from Slides

Salem Church Pictures

Finian's Rainbow - 1995

Old Family Pictures

Ronco Goodbye Party

Ronco Project @ Penfield Schools

Ronco Holiday Party

Ronco Project @ Unity Health

Work work work

Remimber the Storm

Car Pictures

Pittsford Democrate Rally

Pittsford Democratic Party

Masons Pictures

Dow Equipment Co. Picture Page

Misc Pictures

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